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Buy gemstones from our huge collection of 200+ gemstones, including all precious and semi-precious gemstones. We have all types of gemstones in every range, from luxury to economy. Just select any gemstone you like, and it will be at your doorstep within a few days.

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Vistley offers you customized engagement rings of your choice. Select gemstones and tell us your preferences. Our experts will design an engagement ring accordingly. We will share some designs with you, and after your confirmation, we will start making your piece. We will turn your imagination into reality, and your piece will be at your doorstep without any hassle.




We offer certified gemstones at Vistley, so you can easily buy the right piece with confidence. You can buy authentic gemstones with 100% satisfaction. All our gemstones are certified by well-reputed international laboratories. We can also offer the origin report if you are eager to know the origin and history of your gemstone.

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Vistley is one place for gemstone bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings. Our appealing jewelry will surely catch everyone’s eye as it is created by our skilled artisans and experts. We have all types of gemstone jewelry to make your shopping easy.


Vistley is one place for gemstone bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings. Our appealing jewelry will surely catch everyone’s eye as it is created by our skilled artisans and experts. We have all types of gemstone jewelry to make your shopping easy.


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We offer all types of gemstones, and you can buy them online from every corner of the world. Visit our showroom in Bangkok and get gemstones and jewelry of your choice. You can buy the best piece created by our skilled artisans with a minimum price guarantee. Explore our vast collection and get pieces at wholesale prices.

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We offer natural and treated gemstones on our website. Most of our gemstones are natural and without any treatment, while some of the gemstones are treated through various standard methods. However, if the gemstone is treated in any way, we mention it clearly on the product page.
Yes, we offer certifications and reports with all loose gemstones. The certificates are from authentic international laboratories. You can see the certificates of every piece on our website; we have included the images of the certificates/reports. You can easily make the right decision without any worries.
The images that we share with our products are 100% real. You can magnify the image to have a closer look. We also have 360˚ videos with 10 times magnification, so you can see every angle of the gemstone with clarity. You will get what you see in the picture.
The size of the gemstone can be guessed by the carat weight. For your ease, we also have a comparison scale on the website. Moreover, we show the picture of the gemstone over our model’s fingers. This will help you guess the size without any hassle. You can also adjust the color of the hand to know whether the gemstone color will look perfect or not.
Yes, we have more gemstones in our collection. If you require any type of gemstone, let us know the details. We will share the pictures and videos of the gemstones according to your preference.
Yes, we offer a free consultation so that you can buy a gemstone without any hassle. Our experts will help you select the right piece according to your needs. You can register for your free gemstone consultation on our website.
The cut of the gemstone is an important property of any gemstone because it determines its brilliance. It is mentioned in the laboratory report of every gemstone. If the gemstone is cut well, it will reflect the light and shine more. It becomes more attractive and appealing. At Vistley, we have brilliantly cut natural gemstones from our skilled artisans.
Every gemstone has a geographical origin, which is an important part of its history. If you want to know where your gemstone is from, we can give you the gemstone’s origin report from any authentic international laboratory.
We have all clarity grades and types of gemstones. The transparency of the gemstone is mentioned in the reports. It will give you a proper idea of the inclusions.
The weight of the gemstone is shown in the product description. It is also written in the laboratory report. Therefore, you can buy the piece with confidence. There could be ±0.05 tolerance in the carat weight.
We offer various payment methods for the ease of our customers. The customers can pay for the gemstone using any method they are comfortable with. We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and bank wire.
We can help you pay through some alternative methods you are comfortable with. You need to contact us, and we will provide a feasible alternative to pay for your gemstones. For more information, feel free to call us at 1 (800) 577-5405 or email us at
Yes, we offer multiple card payments for gemstones. However, you need to contact us, and we will split the payment so that you can pay using multiple cards.
You have a choice in this case. You can either pay the taxes and duty on our website, and we will take care of everything. We charge a minimal carrier fee according to the shipping company and the number of gemstones. You can also pay duty and payment on your own, and there is no need to pay additional charges on our website.
Yes, we offer free shipping all over Thailand. No matter how many loose gemstones you have bought, we will offer free shipping. There is no restriction on the quantity.
We charge $50 for shipping gemstones outside Thailand. This is a minimal fee that we take from our customers.
Yes, you can track your order and know where your gemstone is. You can track your order directly on our website. We provide a tracking number in the confirmation email; you can use that number and track your order without any hassle.
We typically ship the gemstones within 2-5 days. However, there can be a delay in unusual circumstances, but we keep our customers aware of the delay if it is expected.
If there is any problem with our gemstones, we are responsible for that. You can claim a return within 30 days, and we will cover the shipping fee.