About Us

About Us

Creating jewellery using precious diamonds and gemstones always meant more than just a business deal to me. The creative artistry of well design jewellery always fascinated me to give my share on it. It is when I found myself delved into the true passion of crafting luxurious designs and creative patterns that always amazed the people around me. That’s when I laid the foundation of Vistley Jewels and started my journey by building a team of like-minded experts and we soon become an established and exquisite jewellery manufacturing company. Fueled by our passion for jewellery making, we have served our fair share for more than 15 years of goodwill and fortune in the business of fine jewellery. Our progressive team works hard in letting our customers have complete, easy and instant access to the largest diamond inventory. We are increasingly moving towards introducing a new era of statement jewellery where limits of creativity are absent. Know more about our unique and elegant collections!

Our Values

At Vistley Jewels, our team of amazingly talented artisans prioritize customer preferences and satisfaction with the statement jewelry we produce. We care about your happiness and contentment over our benefits. We strive to look at our creations from your perspective. Our creativity and intricacy in designing and assembling when collaborates with your preference, we create wonders! We believe in treating you with the luxury and importance you deserve and consider to give you profound joy when you wear our stylized jewelry. Unlike any other fine jewelry business, we take ours as the core value system!

Beyond Conflict-Free

We sell only conflict-free diamonds that have a proven track record of safe and ethical mining without any harm to human rights and government laws. Our diamonds are sourced from reliable vendors that strictly follow KPCS.

Recycle Precious Metal

We recycle precious metals from old jewelry and use recycled metals as much as we can. We play our part in creating sustainability and making this planet a better place.

Giving Back

We give back to the people in need. We are partnered with UNICEF, and we give 5% of every profit that we make from our online store and showroom.

What we offer?

Our innumerable variety in jewels will startle you! We present you with a range of classic, vintage, statement, personalized and chic pieces, including: Luxurious gemstone and diamond collections Radiant and gorgeously customized wedding rings/ bands Beautifully designed pendants, studded ear rings and necklaces Sparkling gems, stones and diamonds all at reasonable rates and fine designs! Free Consultancy With all amazing collection of jewels and gems, we are always open to having new ideas to serve our customers the best way possible. If you are unsure about where to begin, let’s get in touch. We will provide you with hand-holding assistance and will give satisfying answers to your queries related to our products. Book your free consultancy via Virtual Appointment OR simply give us a Call Now.