Giving Back

Our mission is to contribute to a magnificent cause of creating this world a great place free from any social injustice, inequality, and poverty, especially in the case of children.

We earn profit by selling premium and high-quality diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry to society; therefore, we aim to give it back. We understand that society needs us, and we need to help people that need our help. Thus, we aim to give something back to society so that we can play our part in eliminating social injustice and inequality anywhere in this world, especially in Thailand.

If we look around, we will notice many people suffering from social injustice, malnutrition, diseases, lack of education, unavailability of drinking water, and many other problems. We are responsible inhabitants of this planet; therefore, we seriously take care of our corporate social responsibility. We understand what difference our contribution can make, and these contributions can help people that are in need.

We are partnered with UNICEF Thailand, and it works for the betterment of children in the country. We donate 5% of our profits to UNICEF for all projects that are run in Thailand. We are giving back to society for its better future.

Children are no doubt the foundation of our better future. UNICEF Thailand is working on various projects to help children and their parents in giving them a better life. The organization fights various social problems and evils.

The prominent projects of UNICEF are related to early childhood development, adolescent development, education, and child protection. It addresses child education, childhood development and protects children from abuse, violence, bullying, and exploitation. Cyberbullying is on its rise nowadays, and UNICEF plays its part through the motto of “No Child Should Live in Fear”. The social policy of UNICEF is all about “No Child Should Live in Poverty”. It offers social protection and every basic necessity for children and poor families. It fights with the inequality that poor people face in society.

UNICEF provides a better life to children in need. It works in various fields, and our partnership with this esteemed organization allows us to help people around. It understands where it is needed to spend money, and the organization can handle the contributions very well. This is the reason we are partnered with it. We donate every 5% of the profit we earn from every purchase. Any profit that is earned from our showroom or online store has a share that goes to the organization. Then, the contribution is used in the projects that we have discussed and other projects of UNICEF.

We also aim to help people that are in need in Thailand. Our donation also goes to improve their lives and provide the basic necessities and social justice. Everyone has the right to live and get proper education, so we are doing our best to give back to society as much as we can.

We aim to partner with more programs that can cope with the challenges faced by people. We will surely partner with more organizations in the future and increase the percentage we are giving back. We are hoping to give more with the growth of our business.

“We Aim to Make People Smile Like the Shine of a Diamond”